Sunday, June 21, 2009

Episode 5.5 - "Short & Sweet 2"

Episode 5.5 of The Escapistcast is now up and ready for your listening pleasure.

Once again, I'm pressed for time and won't be able to put together a full episode before Origins, so this is just an update to let everyone know what's going on. In this update, I discuss what games I'll be running at Origins, how to join in on the fun if you are attending, the Escapist Twitter account (, and a few changes that I have recently made to the site.

Hope to see you at Origins, and I'll have a full episode for you when I get back!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Escapistcast Extra #01

I was recently contacted by Ed Healy about creating content for a syndicated internet radio program called War Pig Radio. Since I rarely pass up the opportunity to promote the site and the cause, I agreed, and Escapistcast Extra was born.

Escapistcast Extra is a "minicast" - single serving portion of roleplaying advocacy audio - a short discussion on a particular advocacy topic, served up by yours truly. I've made it available to anyone who wishes to add it to their podcast or internet streaming station - all I ask is that you leave the episode intact and complete, and notify me that you're rebroadcasting it -

I've got a short blurb and an album art image to go with the minicast that you are free to use as well:

Escapistcast Extra is a "minicast" - a single-serving portion of the full-size gaming advocacy podcast, The Escapistcast. Each installment, your host Bill Walton discusses a different topic on the positive promotion of the roleplaying hobby. Find out more about gaming advocacy and how you can become involved at

The episodes will run between 10-20 minutes, and I will include them in the regular Escapistcast feed so that you'll be able to catch them along with the full episodes.

The first episode, on RPGs in libraries, is ready for your listening pleasure at:

As always, thanks for listening, enjoy the shows, and please let me know how I'm doing!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Episode 5 - "Schools & Studies"

Episode 5 of The Escapistcast is now (finally!) up and ready for your listening pleasure.

Featured in this episode:

  • Gaming advocacy news
  • A segment on RPGs as teaching tools, old school gaming, and studies on the roleplaying hobby

Featured promos in this episode: RPGLife, Dicecast, and Role Playing Public Radio

Due to length, the show notes for this episode are in comments.