Monday, March 31, 2008

Episode 1 - "Tips & Tributes"

Episode 1 of The Escapistcast is now up and ready for your listening pleasure.

Featured in this episode:
  • Gaming advocacy news, including many articles on Gary Gygax in the mass media
  • A segment on suggestions for creating an "RPG idea mining notebook" to help brainstorm ideas for plots, stories, characters, and other elements of roleplaying games.
Featured promos in this episode: The Gamer Traveler Podcast, The Bear's Grove Podcast

Due to length, the show notes for this episode are in comments.


Dr. Awkward said...
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Dr. Awkward said...


Air date: 03/31/08
Title: Tips & Tributes

Links to articles and other items mentioned in the program:

Stephen Colbert tribute:





Wired logo contest: articles:,8599,1719341,00.html

Freaks & Geeks:
final episode clips on YouTube:

Laughing Squid:

Newsweek: "Magic's Kingdom":
"So Long, Dungeon Master" -
(Time slammed tabletop gamers by calling them “dateless dweebs,” not Newsweek – see

New York Times: "Geek Love" -


National Post:

Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Steve Jackson Illuminator:

Facebook Gygax tribute group:

The RPGSite: "GaryCon Across the Globe" -

Penny Arcade:

Order of the Stick:

Full Frontal Nerdity:


Sword's Edge Publishing:

Christian Children's Fund:

Gygax Podcaster tribute:

MIT students build giant d20:

WoW patch dedication:

Huffington Post: "The Real Problem with Reverend Hagee" -

Politics as she is played with 3d6:

The View: Dealing with bipolar disorder is a constant battle -


The RPG Site:
The Forge:

The Big List of RPG Plots:
(PDF version:

Dr. Rotwang!'s Adventure Funnel:

Greg Stolze's "How To Run Roleplaying Games" and "How To Play Roleplaying Games":

Robin Laws' "See Page XX":

“Motivating Yourself As A GM”:

crngames said...

this was a good podcast. I especially enjoy hearing what is in the news regarding rpg's. The tips are welcome too. Except the Stolze links appear to be broken.
I'm looking forward to see how the Kids and RPG's thing goes. I have 3 and would like to see them eventually do some gaming too.

Charles said...
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Charles said...

I finally sat down and tried to track down and print out everything you listed from your GM's notebook. I discovered that Dragon issue 184 with the "7 Sentence NPC" article appears to be available for order from Paizo at:
I haven't ordered the issue yet (can't decide if it's worth $15 for the one article), so I don't know for sure that it's available.

Also, many of the links seem to have spurious characters at the end which are making the appear to be broken. When those characters are removed, however, the links work fine.

Game on!