Thursday, July 31, 2008

A call for help

(I'm sure some would joke that the podcast, the site, and even taking up roleplaying as a hobby is a "call for help" in itself, and to the people who would make that joke, all I have to say is - You're welcome for the set-up!)

Seriously, I've had a sudden and unexpected technical problem that will prevent me from doing podcasts for a while. I was getting ready to begin recording episode 4, when I discovered that my headset mic is dead. No amount of cable-switching and wire-jiggling will bring it back to life. On top of that, our financial situation isn't allowing us a lot of disposable income for a little while, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to get a new one.

So, as much as I don't like to, I'm biting the bullet and asking for help from my readers and listeners. Here is my request:
  • If anyone out there has some podcast recording equipment that they no longer use or would be willing to donate, please contact me - - I'm looking for a good headset mic, something that will isolate my voice and leave out all of the kid and pet sounds in the background, but I'm willing to accept anything that will improve the quality of the show.
  • Barring that, I am also willing to accept monetary donations. A new headset runs between $30-40, so if a dozen or so Escapistcast listeners each pitched in two or three bucks, you'd be listening to a new episode before you could say "Am I still unconscious?" If even more than that is received, then that means better equipment, which means a better sounding show. I will put all donations towards the podcast, but I'll be happy just to get back to recording again, no matter what. To make a PayPal donation, look for the PayPal button on the right sidebar of the page.
As an incentive, I'll have a special gift for the first person to make a donation, and I'll do something special for everyone who makes a contribution (I'm not exactly sure what it is yet, but I'll think of something...)

Thanks for listening and reading, and I hope to be back "on the air" soon.

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