Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Episode 3.5 - "Short & Sweet"

Episode 3.5 of The Escapistcast is now up and ready for your listening pleasure.

I'm pressed for time and won't be able to put together a full episode before Origins, so this is just an update to let everyone know what's going on. In this rambling diatribe, I discuss what I'll be doing at Origins, how to join in on the fun if you are attending, a change that I have recently made to the site, and some upcoming prizes for Escapistcast listeners!

Hope to see you at Origins, and I'll have a full episode for you when I get back!

1 comment:

crngames said...

I wanted to say that I'm enjoying the show. I think you have hit a niche that was not being addressed previously - rpg's and kids. As a father and gamer I was glad to find the escapistcast and subsequently DragonKin.
What's the word on Meddling Kids? The home site is apparently broken and I would really like to get a copy of this game. Also, can you give mor infromation on Teenagers From Space? Looking forward to the contests too.