Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Episode 3 - "Fame & Fortune"

Episode 3 of The Escapistcast is now up and ready for your listening pleasure.

Featured in this episode:

  • Gaming advocacy news
  • A segment on celebrity gamers.
  • Listener mail
Featured promos in this episode: On Board Games Podcast, Role Playing Public Radio, and Orcusville

Due to length, the show notes for this episode are in comments.


Dr. Awkward said...


Air date: 05/28/08
Title: Fame & Fortune


Harvard University Gazette - "Faux terrorist exercise proves fruitful"

Live Action Role-Playing Game A Hit -

Monster Camp Documentary -

Clarkesworld Magazine - "Of Dice and Men" -

An endless campaign

Playing in One's Imagination, Rulebook in Hand -

Geek's Dream Girl - Polyhedral Dice for Musicians -

Gnome Stew -

Review - Second Person: Role-Playing and Story in Games and Playable Media

Blogcritics column - Prince Caspian and the age of anti-magic - Janica Unruh -

Virtual Violence Does Not Cause Actual Violence -

"Grand Theft" Rationality -

'Speed Racer' leads Hollywood's latest charge: Anime adaptations -

Jon Favreau is the action figure behind 'Iron Man' -,0,6653890,full.story


Matt Forbeck's list of celebrity gamers:

SLC Punk:


- I'll be running six RPGs for kids (and their grown-ups) at Origins in Columbus Ohio this June. See for more info.

Donald said...

Great episode!

Thanks for mentioning the On Board Games podcast and playing our promo! I'll have to get one of your promos in our podcast.

Morthrai said...

ANother one in the bag Bill, keep it up. Oh, thanks for putting my feedback in there! I've now been mentioned on three separate gaming casts: yours, Yog Radio (more than once) and Project:Shadow (which I've been invited to join!)

Christopher Heard said...

I think it was in Episode 3 where you said something like, "We need a Narnia RPG." Some time ago, somebody took a stab (a poke, really) at a Narnia True20 setting. Also, has a listing for a German Narnia: Das Rollenspiel.

Also, with regard to LARPing in education, check out Barnard College's "Reacting to the Past" program if you're not aware of it. The program teaches history through LARP-style simulations at over 40 USA colleges and universities. I attended a "Reacting" conference in April and plan to adapt the technique for my own discipline this fall.

Charles said...

Another D&D celebrity/gamer is Lexa Doig who's appeared in a couple of SF shows.